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5 common fertility misconceptions busted

Starting a family later than our parents or grandparents did is a natural by-product of living longer and embracing opportunities unknown to previous generations. And in the era of celebrities miraculously falling pregnant at increasingly later stages in life, it would be easy to believe that health – and science – can override almost any age-related demise.

What’s Wrong With W-Sitting?

Each time I walk into a classroom, I can find at least 3 children who are on the floor in the W-Sitting position…and they kind of remind me of melting snowman. Their legs are wide around their bottoms, their trunk posture is often droopy and they aren’t able to move their arms outside of their base of support to play. I am constantly saying “fix your legs” or “NO “W” SITTING!”. What’s so wrong with W-sitting? Let’s explore. read more

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