EDwoodUCATION will donate $5 for each child registered in the E.P.I.K. HOLIDAY PROGRAM (Jan 13-17) to the Red Cross who are supporting those affected by the bushfires.

E.P.I.K. stands for Engaging Programs to Inspire Kids. This encapsulates what we do: to offer exciting opportunities that make kids want to roll up their sleeves and try something new, or enhance what they can already do.

Our coaches and teachers are fully qualified, and just as importantly…they are nice people! They have a range of specialised skills and want to share their knowledge and experience with the participants. They genuinely see the need to offer a range of positive opportunities for kids in a time when fewer children have the means to engage in sports, music, dance and extracurricular activities.

They may be on a break from school, but kids do not stop learning or exploring. That is why the E.P.I.K. School Holiday Programs exists: to offer opportunities for kids to be engaged in positive and beneficial activities with skilled and qualified teachers and coaches. Join for a a range of fun-filled and purposeful holiday programs.

For more details or to register, go to: http://edwooducation.com.au/holiday-programs/decemberjanuary/

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