Nursing Pillow

Introducing The Snuggy Bubby Nursing Pillow. It is a must have for every parent or grandparent who breastfeeds or bottle feeds. Locally handmade in Toowoomba. At only $45 each they are the most cost effective nursing pillow on the market. Mention “Toowoomba Mums” and we will offer you $5 off. Visit us at to order yours today!

Benefits of using a nursing pillow are:

– Easier for baby to latch (if breastfeeding)
– Better posture reducing muscle pain
– Can be used with newborns up to toddlers
– Reduces reflux as the baby is held un the correct position for feeding
– Reduces the “dead arm”
– Travel Friendly
– Can be used by Mum, Dad, Grandparents, siblings. Anyone really!

The Snuggy Bubby promotes good posture while feeding and comfort for parent and Bub. They were designed to make you and Bub more comfortable during feeding. We only use quality fabrics and fillings.

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